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WOSON Full Range of Products Released in Brazil


WOSON LATAM is the first foreign subsidiary company of WOSON Group,

which the headquarter is located in Brazil, and service  the Latin America.

In the short period of more than a year, the sales and service of WOSON products in Latin America have been strongly promoted,

now WOSON full line products are issued in Brazil and are affirmed by the Brazil Dental Association,

we are so proud to get  "ABO (famous brand)" from them. Brazil - the second hometown of WOSON.

At the time of the Brazil St Paul exhibition, ABO staff interviewed WOSON's CEO Frankie and WOSON LATAM's operating director Marco.

As the first company was awarded the "ABO" logo of the oral industry enterprises, they are full of expectations for the WOSON,

of course, WOSON is worthwhile, they will bring more cost-effective products and high-tech products of oral industry into Brazil market,

let customers and dealers have better choices. The approval of ABO provides a good help for the smooth entry of WOSON products into the Brazil market,

and WOSON will be successful in the Brazil market.

One a famous said "good relationship makes achievement, moderate relationship  makes cooperation together peacefully,

inferior relationship makes mutual destruction."

The WOSON’s love to Brazil and the Brazil’s enthusiasm to WOSON; this is really a good relationship.

Winter is cold, however, brazil is hot,

Ushered the 36th Sao Paulo International Dental Show with the 35 °

For this exhibition, WOSON carefully prepared, focused on display sterilization equipment, treatment equipment,

clinic lighting system and dental treatment accessories

Another highlight of the show in Sao Paulo is the high-end brand Galbiati debut.

Galbiati is a brand of high-end dental treatment machines from Italy, was founded in 1935.

As a historical brand, it was acquired by Woson in 2015. After several years of accumulate and grow,

new high-end dental treatment machine from pure european , making Brazil as the world's first release.

WOSON global partner FARO joint exhibition, with world's top technology, to ensure the quality of WOSON。

During the exhibition, WOSON LATAM also held its first Latin American regional distributor meeting.

WOSON LATAM team members elaborate on the product, share experience.

Each WOSON exhibition, activities,FARO will send staff to support, also this time. FARO staff communicate with Brazilian  distributors.

Galbiati, a high-end dental chair brand from Italy, Galbiati's quality and design reach everyone's high recognition during the exchange process.

Enthusiasm, joy, gratitude to all who participate in and supporte WOSON and WOSON LATAM;

WOSON LATAM NIGHT, put event to the climax, believe the harmonious cooperation will make us mutual success.


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