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The Documentary of Woson Group Meishan Health Industy


Since 1985, after more than 30 years of unremitting efforts and 3 times relocations, 

Woson Medical is about to create a whole new intelligent, network, globalization, and digitization of medical-industrial complex, 

relying on the the globalization of the medical industry layout, and combining with the principles and policies of the national medical entity. 

The final location was settled in Ningbo Meishan Health Industy. At the same time, 

it also marked that Woson Medical has officially entered the era of the layout of new medical-industrial complex and opened up a new form of medical industry structure.

A corner of Meishan Health Industy


Leading by policy orientation, establish a new pattern of development

In 2013, China proposed the "One Belt and One Road Economic Belt" strategy. In 2016, 

the Yangtze River Economic Belt Development Symposium emphasized that the promotion of the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt is a national-level major regional development strategy. 

It also clearly points out that, in order to promote the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, it must adhere to the strategic positioning of ecological priority and green development. 

At the same year, Ningbo Meishan International Logistics Industrial Agglomerate Zone (Prvincial) integrated the national strategic opportunity of the Yangtze River Economic Belt with the “One Belt and One Road”, 

and released a integrated concept of “One Platform, One Base, One Hub”, which has been the most important functional bearing zone of these two national strategies.  


Woson Medical chose to settle in Meishan Health Industy as its main body for future development. 

It also fully considered that its development characteristics were in line with the national strategic layout, 

and it was developed as a key project in the medical category of the industy.


As of 2017, Woson Medical has expanded to abroad with five branches(USA, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico), one R&D base(Italy), two service office(Italy, Netherlands), 

and nearly two hundred agents. They are located in 136 countries and regions and have completed overseas deployment. 

Furthermore, Woson also acquired an Italian medical device brand, which was established in 1935 and has a long history in Europe with a high reputation.


Woson Medical recognized that with China’s growing emphasis on medical care and the continuous growth of the domestic medical market, 

we have decided and determined to establish the idea of turning the development towards to domestic and foreign two-way market, and building a medical complex. 

We also hope to develop new forms of the medical industry structure by introducing advanced medical experience and technology from Europe, 

even from all over the world and combining with the trend of Chinese medical.


At the 3rd China Medical Equipment International Cooperation Summit of the Meishan Forum, under the subject of “One Belt and One Road”, 

we signed the agreement of settling in Meishan with the China-Italy cooperation project. 

 At the 3rd China Medical Equipment International Cooperation Summit of the Meishan Forum, Woson Medical signs China-Italy medical cooperation project with Galbiati.

Take a new step, start a new journey


In June 2018, Woson Medical Meishan Health Industy project was formally approved. 

The project occupies an area of 50 acres and the investment amount exceeds 200 million yuan, becoming a characteristic representative of the local medical industy.

Woson Medical Meishan Health Industy is about to establish a whole new intelligent, network, globalization, and digitization of medical-industrial complex:


Introducing foreign technology, talents, and equipments to carry out R&D, manufacture and sales of medical device products, 

included dental diagnosis and treatment equipment, surgical instruments, sensor control equipment series, image inspection series, 

orthodontic implant series, medical health care equipment series, etc.


For promoting international medical communication and academic discussion, establishing a medical base of “Production, 

academic and research” with the cooperatioon between school and enterprise, 

and a specialty dental hospital centered on oral treatment and correction as a clinical and training base.


Completing the construction of the "Internet Plus" oral ecology platform and establishing a new comprehensive medical structure.

Woson Medical Comprehensive Industy Design Sketch

With the steady development of Woson Medical, we are about to enter a new era. With the rapid growth of the country’s overall strength, 

we feel confident. Meanwhile, in the face of a new era, no matter what kinds of new challenges we will meet, we shall be full of confidence and unity.